"Silicon Valley" Private Equity and Venture Capital investing style – here in the UAE
We invest behind the entrepreneurial transformation underway in the region
Best practice investing here in the region – we aspire to help the daring to build a brighter future
Our investment values are built on the principles that founders and entrepreneurs should own and lead their young companies with close relationship, strategic support & guidance from their investors
Best of both worlds US and GCC
Ideas and capital travel light

Our Core Values



Intellectual honesty


Entrepreneurial spirit

Proactive Approach

Investment Criteria

Private equity platform

Venture capital platform


Private equity platform:

  • Technology, healthcare and businesses services

Venture capital platform: 

  • Sector agnostic but needs to have technology angle to address the real “need”

Stage / Investment strategy

Private equity platform:

  • Leveraged buy-outs (LBOs) to acquire a majority stake in a company and exercise control

Venture capital platform: 

  • Series Seed and Series A level companies
  • Opportunistically on Series B

Target business characteristics

Private equity platform:

  • Small & medium sized (rev c. $4-10mm) businesses directly from the founder(s)
  • Strong recurring revenue profile, significant customer retention rate, meaningful profitability (EBITDA c. $1-5mm), solid unit economics
  • Differentiated product & service offerings

Venture capital platform: 

  • Companies, business models, concepts and technologies that have been proven in mature markets already (US & Europe) and are now transferred to GCC region / emerging markets –(prefer “technology transfer” to “first in the world”)
  • Preference for post revenue companies
  • Addresses large and growing market


Private equity platform:

  • A+ and dedicated management team; Shorooq also has a strong bench of CEOs to place in the Company once acquired

Venture capital platform: 

  • A+, dedicated and authentic management team


Private equity platform:

  • Enterprise value of $5,000,000 to $25,000,000

Venture capital platform: 

  • Typical investment size of $100,000 to $300,000

Investments – Special Situation

A Great Business at a Fair Price is Superior to a Fair Business at a Great Price.



Our team reflects our mandate – global talents. We bring a broad range of technology, tech-enabled services, healthcare & consumer private equity investment & entrepreneurial experience

Founders, entrepreneurs and investors with great ideas – get in touch with us

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